Workforce Information

Worknet Merced County provides employment and workforce information that enhance the quality of labor market information available to job seekers, employers, and educators throughout Merced County and the Central Valley.

Worknet Merced County reviews and posts data published by the California Employment Development Department on a monthly basis and posts other relevant data, as it is available, from a variety of other sources, including the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, US Patent & Trade Office, and California Department of Finance.


Occupational Employment and Wages in Merced

May 2016 news release issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Merced County Workforce Highlights

2014-2024 Merced County Workforce Projections Highlights Report.

Report issued by EDD.

Merced County Commute Patterns

Learn more about the commute patterns of Merced County’s workforce.

Report issued by EDD.

Unemployment Information

RegionJuly 2018July 2017Annual Change
United States4.1%4.6%-0.5%
Merced County8.1%9.1%-1.0%
Delhi CDP7.4%8.5%-1.1%
Dos Palos11.0%13.8%-2.8%
Hilmar Irwin CDP1.6%2.9%-1.3%
Le Grand CDP10.8%16.0%-5.2%
Livingston CDP5.9%11.9%-6.0%
Los Banos8.7%9.9%-1.2%
Planada CDP11.1%15.9%-4.8%
South Dos Palos CDP18.4%20.4%-2.0%
Winton CDP10.9%11.5%-0.6%

*CDP is “Census Designated Place” – a recognized community that was unincorporated at the time of the 2011-2015 5-Year American Community Survey (ACS)