Dear Merced County Partners:

On behalf of the Merced County Workforce Development Board, please enjoy our 2022 Merced County Workforce Development poster.

Part of our mission is to educate the community about labor market assets and opportunities. Please join us in fulfilling this mission by hanging this poster in your office, classroom, or any place our community might see it. If you would like additional or more information about the poster, please contact

Our strengths as a community comes from our partnerships. We thank you for your effort in supporting our workers, businesses, and youth.


Leslie Abasta-Cummings                    Erick Serrato
Chairperson                                       Executive Director
Merced County                                   Merced County
Workforce Development Board           Workforce Development Board


Please click here for a copy of our Merced County Workforce Fact Sheet – Official

Click Here to view the data sources for the Merced County Workforce Fact Sheet